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nike huarache 2k4In the grand tradition of whole milk and ballpoint pens , these Mizuno running sneakers are getting the Internet hive-mind treatment, with reviewers lauding them for their effectiveness in "kicking legislators out of office" and "excellent support for your arches and morale." Of course, as is often the case in fashion (and politics) the opinion isn't unanimous°™a male reviewer rated them just one star, commenting that despite his complete lack of experience with women's shoes he felt "somehow compelled to decide for the shoe's female target market whether or not they should own them." We love a man who loves tough women°™almost as much as we love getting to make our own decisions.,nike free runnersThe shoes are available in three colour/style ranges: primary, neon and vintage - a choice based, presumably, on how much VH1 you've been watching. But despite competition from the young up-and-comers, Blahnik secured perhaps the biggest footwear design job of the year this summer, after Kate Moss asked him to design the shoes for her wedding. I laced up my running shoes and went anyway, and I am so glad I did!I noticed, among the more typical palette of khaki, black, navy, gray and white, men in skinny ankle-grazing lavender and bright red trousers, worn with sock-less shoes. Amidst the abundance of emotions running through my body at the moment, I am defiantly feeling pride. A shopping trip produced me with the perfect pair of shoes with lots of long black tassels, black velvet and heels as thick as a Mars Bar nike

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airmax oneFrom the strangest of birds comes the latest and most covetable of nests, Alexander McQueen's Egg Chair. Speaking of, Acne gets Crystallized at the Barbican Gallery for its spring '10 presentation. Simone Rocha , we love you. At that, I turned my attention to the gravity-defying shoes that the girls wore down the seemingly endless warehouse runway, strutting to the sounds of original glam-rocker Gary Glitter (now locked away in prison°™no, not by the fashion police, but for his bad behavior with young boys). Kate's custom made dress and shoes will be available on in February, while the make up range is available now.However, while I do love the public and my friends and colleagues in the business, everyone at some point goes home at the end of the day and retreats to the privacy of their own home, where they kick off their shoes and jump into jammies (at least I do°≠ sometimes). Running into people I know is one thing, but it's definitely not as strange as coming downstairs on my way to the opera house and finding a delightful older punter asleep on a chair in our living room!,nike barefoot?Kate Bosworth Is The New Face Of Topshop?Sophie Fortenike tiempo legend